Freedom is a human right!


Freedom is the ability to develop personally in a self-determined way without being regulated by the state. Your life - your control!

The Social Business Investors Hub offers you products, services and a community that support you in maintaining your freedom in life, work, investments and finance.

Our Divisions


A global community

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Sustainable assets

Invest in a decentralized and people-oriented manner


Meaningful work

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Self-determined life

Enjoy a self-determined life as an expat abroad


Digital business

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Uncertain times require different strategies


There is fire on all sides: Stock, real estate, government, financial, migration, climate, food, gender or labor market crises. Can you think of anything else?

The word "crisis" best describes the situation in the world!

Without going into detail, we can say that nothing is more certain than the ongoing crises of the coming years.

Every clear-thinking person should therefore ask themselves the question: How can I protect myself personally, my family, my business and my assets from these crises?


These are the bricks for an independent life


      Financial and geopolitical education providing orientation
      Being a member of a strong community that supports each other
      Digitizing your business to be independent of states and nations
      Investing your wealth decentrally and in real-world assets
      Working and living independently of a nation state

Social Business Investors Club

Implement your Plan B

Our free Plan B education program is designed to give you a plan to protect your wealth from expropriation. By registering, you automatically become a free member of a people-oriented community.

SBI Assets

Real-world assets for Social Business Investoren


With SBI Assets, our NFT marketplace for real-world assets, you invest in assets that create people-oriented jobs and protect your assets from expropriation and loss.

The combination of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and real tangible assets gives you maximum flexibility and security. Keep control of your assets in your own hands!

SBI Jobs

Start your career with the Social Business Investors Hub


SBI Jobs offers you a career

      As a digital consultant, you support our customers in building their own digital business with our technical platforms.
      As an SBI Advisor, you advise our investors on how to protect their assets from expropriation
      As an SBI Ambassador, you raise awareness for us and build up passive income

SBI Expats

We advise and support you abroad

Say goodbye to the EU!

      Reduce your tax burden to as low as 1% with a foreign company
      Open foreign bank accounts in Georgia, Armenia and other countries
      Get up to 11% interest on your savings
      Apply for an ID card in Georgia as a digital nomad for a second residence
      Become a part of our community in Georgia: Live, Love, Laugh

Manavi Digital

Digitalize your business


The degree of digitization of companies determines their future competitiveness.

With its technical platforms, Manavi Digital offers companies the opportunity to digitalize their processes in the areas of financing, marketing, sales, support and work organization.

Our philosophy is: "Make your customer an expert and inspire confidence."